Lighthouses Way – Private Tour

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The Lighthouses Way is one of the most spectacular hiking trails that exist today in Spain. This route discovers a good part of Da Morte Coast from Malpica de Bergantiños to Finisterre.

In this route we will find all kinds of landscapes, rivers, forests, beautiful sailors villas and of course, enchanting lighthouses.

Although the Lighthouses Way has almost 200km of distance, our proposal of itinerary completes almost 100km in 6 stages. An unforgettable experience in only 8 days of trip.

If you are tired of walking, in each stage, you will have the option to finish the stage with our support vehicle. We will help you to get to your destination!.

Can you think in a better way to discover the wild and dangerous Da Morte Coast? You will fall in love with this unique piece of Galicia. Join us and come to the Lighthouses Way!.

With this option, you can choose how many nights you want to spend on your trip, category of accomodation and the meals included.

These type of tours leave directly from Madrid.

Just ask us if you need any information!

What do our Private Tours to the Lighthouses Way include?

  • Transportation to destination and return trip to Madrid included. Group of 2-8 people max.
  • Privately owned vehicle used.
  • Accomodation in the category chosen.
  • First Day Informative meeting.
  • Meals booked with your reservation.
  • Luggage transportation (One suitcase per person per stage).
  • Support Vehicle.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Pilgrim Brochure with all the information needed about the trip and spots worth visiting.
  • Tour Coordinator (Agency Staff).
  • Route Tracks

Itinerary proposal and stages of the Lighthouses Way.

  • Day 1: transportation to destination.
  • Day 2: stage 1, Malpica de Bergantiños – Faro de Punta Nariga 18 Km
  • Day 3: stage 2, Fonte de Castro Borneiro – Laxe 15 Km
  • Day 4: stage 3, Laxe – Camelle 15 Km
  • Day 5: stage 4, Arou – Faro de Cabo Vilano 15 Km
  • Day 6: stage 5, Cementerio de Cereixo – Muxia 13,8 Km
  • Day 7: stage 6, Playa do Rostro – Faro de Fisterre 16 Km
  • Day 8: return trip to Madrid.

Total 92,8 Km. Average of 15,46 Km per day.

You can customize your trip to your needs!

Options of Accomodation:

  • Hotels, Guesthouses, typical Country Houses.

Origen of the Lighthouses Way

The Lighthouses Way is relatively new as a hiking tour. However, some of its trails and paths are centenary, since the fishermen and shellfishermen from the area used to use them as selling routes.

We can also discover in Da Morte Coast a virgin environment and beautiful landscapes. We can assure you that this part of Galicia is one of the best preserved area of the spanish coast, with pure nature and far from the urban boom. A place that has known how to keep its own and true identity.

If you need any other information, please, let us know!

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Lighthouses Way – Private Tour